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Saturday March 12, 2022

Dear Diary,

This is my entry for Saturday, March 12th 2022.

Today, I woke up really early, and I had a very promising start to the day. That is, until I fell back asleep for like four hours or so.

So it was a false start, but eventually I got up and made breakfast. I made blueberry oatmeal. I watched the blueberries kind of
pop in the oatmeal
. I don’t know why. It’s cute.

I made an espresso, poured it into the
wench mug
that Natasha got me—I like it. It’s also really cute.
I left my apartment, but then I realized I
forgot my keys
inside. So I rang my own doorbell and my roommate luckily opened the door for me. I apologized. I’ve done this a couple times. But eventually I left.

I called
my nonna
and she was in a pretty good mood. She told me a story she’s told me a million times and you know, that happens with
but I just kind of I listened anyway and it was nice.

She told me about some of her earliest
immigration memories
. And in a way it kind of reminded me of what I’m going through. I don’t exactly want to compare the experiences because her experience was much more difficult. She was really young when she immigrated to Canada. She was alone. She didn’t speak the language and had no money. And so my experience isn’t the same but some of it
I relate to

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Anyway. I then hopped on the subway. I took the 1 south to Chelsea. I went to a coffee shop with Natasha. I worked for a while we had a lot of fun.
I wore sunglasses in the cafe
to make Natasha laugh and she liked it.

We went back to Natasha’s apartment and danced in her apartment while and we waited for a dinner reservation. She doesn’t really have any furniture in her apartment,
so there’s a lot of room to dance
. So that was really fun. I really like being her apartment, and I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s furnished.

But secretly I kind of just love it empty. Because we get to dance and act like really silly.
We went to dinner—we had
Thai food
. There was couple sitting next to us. So they were really loud, but they were kind of cute. We had broad noodles and Thai fried rice and Thai salad. It was yum.

We took an Uber back to Natasha’s apartment. And then Natasha and I talked about how appreciative we were to have each other as friends. I really appreciate her so much on a level like I can’t even put into words.
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Uptown & The Bronx

And then I took the subway back home.

Sometimes the 1 at night turns into an express train. So I ended up going all the way up to 137th and then I had to take the
subway back down
so yeah. It was the scenic route and it took a little long, but it was nice.

But I came back into my house I
danced in my bathroom
a bit and now I’m going to bed.

So basically that’s my day. I don’t think there’s anything else I wanted to talk about.
Oh, I guess I went to the
grocery store
earlier and I really couldn’t find any tomatoes. I was looking for canned tomatoes. It was really confusing. I looked all over the grocery store. Sometimes I just can’t find something and then I’m not sure if I should try to find it or if I should just leave or if I should ask someone.

But I actually looked for canned tomatoes for a long time and eventually I found them so… in the end I was okay. I probably should have just asked for help. Maybe tomorrow I’ll make pasta. Anyway, that’s it. I’ll talk to you soon.




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This entry was written by me, Chris.

This was a particularly happy Saturday for me. Natasha and I were close friends when we lived in Canada. We have been living apart for six years and we didn’t anticipate that we’d live in the same city ever again.